Cummins Engines, Daventry

SCOPE:Asbestos remedial works within the roof void (10,000m2) at high level above the main assembly area of the factory.


We had to create a safe working environment throughout the entire roof void for future access by Cummins staff and contractors.

The work included:

  1. Conceptual design & installation low level scaffold and high level rolling scaffold to maintain operation of overhead cranes and uninterrupted Cummins production
  2. Removal of AIB wall board & AIB debris from the roof void and AIB wall board from the factory in a total of 67Nr. asbestos enclosures
  3. Removal of existing chipboard floor boards and AIB debris beneath the floor boards
  4. Environmentally clean of upper and lower elements of the enclosure
  5. On completion of four stage clearance testing, reinstatement of timber floor
  6. Reinstatement of M&E services within the roof void
  7. Reinstatement of light well covers with 24mm birch plywood.
  8. Reinstatement of fire stopping and wall board