Careful Asbestos Removal at Historical Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge

SCOPE:Heating system improvements and boiler replacements within The Old Schools


Old Schools is a Grade 1 Listed Building. It forms the Administrative Hub for the University of Cambridge, and remained occupied for the duration of the works.

Asbestos insulating board panels (AIB) and asbestos pipe insulation had been identified in various locations and required removal to allow safe access for follow-on contractors.
The work involved opening up internal building components, ceilings and timber wall cladding of historic value to remove asbestos containing materials. Working with carpenters trained in licensed asbestos removal.
Noisy works were programmed out of hours to minimise disruption for the building users

On completion of asbestos removal works, the new heating system was installed with associated electrical works. Building components were reinstated.

Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge