Asbestos Contamination to Subbase Material, Warburton Terrace, London

SCOPE:Remediation works following discovery of asbestos and lead contamination to subbase material


Our sister company C. Jackson & Sons were awarded the contract by Engie to demolish twenty domestic bungalows to make way for a new Local Authority housing development.

Following a programme of asbestos removal and soft strip works, the bungalows were demolished to ground slab level and the arisings removed from site. Some 1,000 tonnes of masonry, plasterboard and timber were sent for recycling and 120 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill.

Asbestos & Lead Contamination

During removal of the bungalow floor slabs, asbestos contamination was discovered in the subbase material. Jackson Environmental and C Jackson & Sons have a wealth of knowledge and experience in site remediation and used this to put together the most cost effective solution for our client.

Under the supervision of a Geo-Environmental Consultant, asbestos free concrete floor slabs & hardstanding were set aside for recycling. We excavated the bungalow oversites to a depth of 1 metre and disposed of 1,840 tonnes of asbestos contaminated subbase material and 12 tonnes of lead contaminated soils.

On completion of the remediation works, the old foundations were broken out and together with all other asbestos free concrete, crushed to 6f2 grading. A total of 1,250 tonnes of crushed material recovered from the works was used to construct the piling mat for the new project, eliminating 130 lorry movements to and from the site.

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