Large Scale AIB Removal at Cummins Engines, Daventry

SCOPE:Asbestos remedial works within the roof void (10,000m2) at high level above the main assembly area of the factory.


Jackson Environmental were awarded the contract to undertake complete AIB removal from the 10,000m2 roof space above the main assembly area to create a safe working environment for Cummins staff and contractors.

Cummins UK is a manufacturer of heavy diesel engines. The Daventry Plant which came on line in 1972 currently manufactures engines of 38litres and above.

Using a bespoke suspended rolling scaffold system, the 2 year project was phased over 57 separate asbestos enclosures to avoid disruption to engine production.

In total 1,500m2 of AIB wall lining board and 10,000m2 of asbestos contaminated timber flooring were removed and the entire 25,000m³ roof space was decontaminated.

On completion we installed a new timber floor and lightwell covers and metal profile sheeting with fire stopping to the walls.