Asbestos Remediation of CCL Site at Cambridge Science Park

SCOPE:Remediation of site following discovery of asbestos contamination


During construction of a new research facility, an unknown quantity of asbestos debris in soils was discovered beneath the footprint of a recently demolished building and the surrounding areas.

Combined Jackson Environmental and C Jackson & Sons have a wealth of knowledge and experience in site remediation.

Our client asked us to produce a methodology for cleaning up the site to allow the building work to continue.

Our proposal to investigate the extent of this material and to establish if any parts of this material that did not contain significant quantities of asbestos could be classified as inert or non-hazardous waste for disposal purposes was accepted.

We partnered with a Geo-Environmental Consultant to excavate multiple trial holes on a grid basis, carry out a regime of sampling and analysis and produce a factual and interpretive Ground Investigation Report.

Based on this report, we were awarded the follow on remediation contract which included excavation of all inert and contaminated soils, demolition of the remaining office structure and foundations to a previously demolished building, crushing all material arising and construction of a piling mat.

Under the supervision of the Geo-Environmental Consultant, the site was excavated to a maximum depth of 3m and in total, 255 loads of inert soils, 125 loads of non-hazardous soils, and 19 loads of hazardous soils were removed from site.

The reinforced concrete 2 storey office which abutted an adjoining occupied building was carefully demolished and the substantial foundations broken out and crushed to 6f2 grading.

In all 2,100 tonnes of the crushed material recovered from the works was used to backfill excavations and construct the piling mat and a further 2,000 tonnes of crushed material were imported to complete the works.

The site was handed over to the piling contractor on time within 12 weeks of the initial site investigation.

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