The House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee recently issued a report into the HSE’s approach to asbestos management.

The report highlights the continuing importance of good management with regards to asbestos.

HSE predict asbestos remains in approximately 300,000 non-domestic buildings, and many more homes.

Interesting extracts in the report point to a possible change in approach which will focus on full asbestos removal with a zero-legacy aim.

“The current asbestos regulations say that asbestos that is in good condition, well protected and unlikely to be disturbed, can be left in place in buildings. These buildings will not, however, last forever and a policy of waiting for materials containing asbestos to deteriorate before removing them is not sustainable in the long term. The TUC, the ‘Airtight on Asbestos’ Campaign and others, have said a stronger and proactive programme of asbestos removal is required.”

MP’s recommended that the government commit to a strategy to remove all asbestos from public and commercial buildings:

“We recommend that a deadline now be set for the removal of asbestos from non-domestic buildings within 40 years. The Government and HSE should develop and publish a strategic plan to achieve this, focusing on removing the highest risk asbestos first, and the early removal from the highest risk settings including schools.”

Within the report it is considered the drive towards retrofitting of buildings to meet net zero targets will only increase the disturbance the asbestos containing materials and therefore the risk of exposure will increase in the coming decades.

As long-standing licensed asbestos removal contractors Jackson Environmental continue to invest in the future to ensure we are well equipped to make a positive contribution to these aims and the asbestos removal industry.

The full report is available here