Award Season - Asbestos Removal Site Audits & Training 2

Award Season - Asbestos Removal Site Audits & Training

Special Award to top ARCA Gold Award Winners

Jackson Environmental are delighted to announce we have been awarded the Diamond Award for a “Decade of Excellence” by the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA).

The new accolade has been put in place by ARCA to celebrate and honour companies that have consistently maintained the Gold Site Audit Award for 10 consecutive years. Jackson Environmental Ltd are one of only three companies to have achieved this accolade.

Juliette Church, Site Audit Manager for ARCA commented:

“Achieving the standards to receive the Gold Site Audit Award is hard enough but continuously achieving them over a 5 and then 10-year period is something that deserves special recognition”

ARCA Diamond Award 1

ARCA Gold Training Award 2022/ 2023 

Jackson Environmental have also been awarded the ARCA Gold Training Award for consecutive years.

This award acknowledges the companies who have trained over eight operatives and/or supervisors with ARCA during the twelve-month period and the candidates who achieved an average score of 92.5% or above.

All of our Jackson Environmental site team annually undertake the esteemed training provided by ARCA. To achieve such a high average score across the board is a testament to their knowledge and understanding of the roles they fulfill with such credit.

Training Manager of ARCA commented:

“We are still seeing challenging times in the industry, so it’s great to see so many of our members gain the ARCA Gold Training Award this year”

“We are proud to have had another successful year delivering centre-based training courses and remote courses, all of which are well supported by members.  Also, I am proud to have received such positive feedback on the content and delivery of our courses.”

Jackson Environmental Issued New Licence to Remove Asbestos 4

Jackson Environmental Issued New Licence to Remove Asbestos

Jackson Environmental Issued New Licence to Remove Asbestos 

We are pleased to announce Jackson Environmental have been granted another 3-year licence to work with asbestos by The Health & Safety Executive (HSE). This continues our run of consecutive maximum term licenses since 1991.

Asbestos Removal – A “permissioning regime” 

Regulation 8 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires an employer to hold a licence, granted by HSE, in order to undertake “licensable work with asbestos”

Asbestos Licensing is a “permissioning regime”.  One of only a very few that operate in the UK. Permissioning regimes such as asbestos licensing are only considered where the work activities involve significant hazard, risk or public concern. Asbestos is classified as a category 1 carcinogen, with asbestos related disease causing around 5000 deaths every year in the UK. Work with asbestos requires a high degree of regulatory control and the purpose of licensing is to achieve this.

High Standards

Such a fantastic record demonstrates the consistently high standards set by our workforce and is a testament to their experience, hard work and commitment.

Jackson Environmental continue to deliver an exceptional service at the forefront of the asbestos removal industry. We are licensed to undertake the full range of asbestos removal and remediation works. Visit our Our Services page to find out more.

JE - Asbestos Licence 2023 - 2026 3

2022 in Review at Jackson Environmental 5

2022 in Review at Jackson Environmental

2022 in Review at Jackson Environmental

As 2022 draws to a close we take a brief look back on another successful year at Jackson Environmental.

The year started relatively slowly, largely due to a hangover from the impacts of the Covid pandemic, and a cautious outlook across the construction industry.

However, the landscape quickly improved, and our order book soon filled. This continued throughout the year to date. We now look back at an incredible amount of work our teams have managed to achieve.

The Numbers

We completed 85 Licensed projects ranging from 1 day to 130 days long.

Furthermore, well in excess of 250 Non-Notifiable and NNLW projects were completed.

700 tonnes of asbestos were disposed of at Landfill. This includes asbestos contaminated soil, bricks & crushed concrete.

A recruitment drive led to us employing and training 5 new asbestos removal operatives, whilst retaining all of our existing staff.

Our Projects

The map below gives a perfect demonstration the volume and scale of our work this year.

The Feedback

Which brings us onto the incredible feedback we have received from clients and stakeholders on our asbestos removal projects throughout the year:

Keep an eye on our Case Studies page where we’ll be posting some more details on some of the asbestos removal projects we’ve completed this year.

To see how we can help you in 2023 and beyond


Work & Pensions issue report into Asbestos Management 6

Work & Pensions issue report into Asbestos Management

The House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee recently issued a report into the HSE’s approach to asbestos management.

The report highlights the continuing importance of good management with regards to asbestos.

HSE predict asbestos remains in approximately 300,000 non-domestic buildings, and many more homes.

Interesting extracts in the report point to a possible change in approach which will focus on full asbestos removal with a zero-legacy aim.

“The current asbestos regulations say that asbestos that is in good condition, well protected and unlikely to be disturbed, can be left in place in buildings. These buildings will not, however, last forever and a policy of waiting for materials containing asbestos to deteriorate before removing them is not sustainable in the long term. The TUC, the ‘Airtight on Asbestos’ Campaign and others, have said a stronger and proactive programme of asbestos removal is required.”

MP’s recommended that the government commit to a strategy to remove all asbestos from public and commercial buildings:

“We recommend that a deadline now be set for the removal of asbestos from non-domestic buildings within 40 years. The Government and HSE should develop and publish a strategic plan to achieve this, focusing on removing the highest risk asbestos first, and the early removal from the highest risk settings including schools.”

Within the report it is considered the drive towards retrofitting of buildings to meet net zero targets will only increase the disturbance the asbestos containing materials and therefore the risk of exposure will increase in the coming decades.

As long-standing licensed asbestos removal contractors Jackson Environmental continue to invest in the future to ensure we are well equipped to make a positive contribution to these aims and the asbestos removal industry.

The full report is available here

Jackson Environmental are Recruiting Asbestos Removal Operatives 7

Jackson Environmental are Recruiting Asbestos Removal Operatives

Jackson Environmental are looking to recruit experienced asbestos removal operatives.

Job Details

  • Permanent Full Time Positions
  • Immediate Start Available
  • Plenty of Opportunity for Overtime
  • Competitive Rates of Pay

Jackson Environmental are a small family owned company. We use the highest quality plant, equipment, consumables and training providers to ensure our staff are best placed to achieve.

We are based in Thurleigh, North of Bedford, MK44 2EA.
Ideally candidates will be based locally, though not essential.

Job Requirements

Candidates will require:

• ARCA/UKATA Licensed Asbestos Operative
• Licensed Asbestos Medical
• Full and Half mask face fits
• CSCS card
• Driving License

Renewals / refreshers can be undertaken immediately on employment if required.

To Apply


call: 01234 779020, or

complete our contact us form

Jackson Environmental Awarded Gold by ARCA in 2020 9

Jackson Environmental Awarded Gold by ARCA in 2020

Jackson Environmental are extremely pleased to announce we have once again been awarded the ARCA Gold Site Audit Award 2020 & ARCA Gold Training Award 2020. 

ARCA Gold Site Audit Award 2020 

Awarded over 6 consecutive audits (approximating to a rolling 3 year period) the award demands consistent high standards from our team.

All ARCA audits have been unannounced since January 2017 ensuring the external auditors really do get a true picture of the quality of our work and the standards we set.

The ARCA auditing scheme supplements our own internal auditing programme superbly. Regular unannounced site auditing is carried out by our management team using an electronic safety management system. This allows us to measure performance on site and identify trends, competence and training needs. All of this information feeds back to a central dashboard informing our decision making and stimulating our team to achieve the safety, health, environmental & quality goals we set.

PXL_20201111_091148670 (2) 8

ARCA Gold Training 2020 

This is awarded to ARCA members who have achieved an average scoring of 92.5% or above across all delegates. Satish Patel, Training Manager at ARCA commented:

“This is a considerable achievement and you and your team should be justifiably pleased. It is testament to all your staff that have attained a higher than average score in training sessions to achieve this award” 

As ARCA members, all Jackson Environmental staff attend ARCA’s industry leading training courses. The covid-19 restrictions added new challenges to training this year but our team have shown excellent adaptability in undertaking a number of courses via remote learning with ARCA.

Working Safely During Covid-19 10

Working Safely During Covid-19

Jackson Environmental continue to support our clients, present and new, throughout the Covid-19 epidemic.

As licensed asbestos removal company we are well versed in decontamination, the correct use of PPE, and good practice.

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic does pose us new challenges. We are keenly following guidance issued by the Government and industry bodies to ensure we are able to provide safest working practices.

Our detailed Covid-19 procedures and risk assessments take into account:

  • Travel to work
  • Site Access and Egress Points
  • Handwashing
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Canteens, Kitchens & Rest Areas
  • Use of Changing facilities, shorts and drying rooms
  • Work planning to avoid close working
  • Situations Social Distancing cannot be applied
  • Cleaning

We have invested heavily in training, awareness and resources to ensure our work has minimal impact on the people and environments in which we work.

Asbestos removal

New HSE Licence to Remove Asbestos

New HSE Licence to Remove Asbestos

Jackson Environmental are pleased to announce we have once again been granted a 3 year licence to remove asbestos by HSE (Health and Safety Executive). This continues our record of achieving the maximum renewal term since our first licence in 1991.

Asbestos Licensing is a ‘permissioning regime’ and is in addition to the general framework of health and safety law. Within a licensing regime, exemplary standards of health and safety management are expected. This means we must not only be able to carry out, and proactively manage, asbestos work safely but must also be able to demonstrate that to HSE.

Licence 11

Residential Asbestos Removal 12

Residential Asbestos Removal

Residential Asbestos Removal

Jackson Environmental are licensed to undertake all types of asbestos removal

Helpful guidance published on the HSE website identifies where asbestos might be found in your home:

residential asbestosInside:

  1. Asbestos cement water tank
  2. Pipe lagging
  3. Loose fill insulation
  4. Textured decorative coating eg. artex
  5. AIB ceiling tiles
  6. AIB bath panel
  7. Toilet seat and cistern
  8. AIB behind fuse box
  9. AIB airing cupboard and/or sprayed insulation coating boiler
  10. AIB partition wall
  11. AIB interior window panel
  12. AIB around boiler
  13. Vinyl floor tiles
  14. AIB behind fire


  1. Gutters and asbestos cement downpipes
  2. Soffits  – AIB or asbestos cement
  3. AIB exterior window panel
  4. Asbetos cement roof
  5. Asbestos cement panels
  6. Roofing felt

Industrial Asbestos Removal 13

Industrial Asbestos Removal

Industrial Asbestos Removal

Jackson Environmental are licensed to undertake all types of asbestos removal.

Helpful guidance published on the HSE website identifies where asbestos might be found in an industrial property:


industrial asbestosInside:

  1. Sprayed Coatings on ceiling, walls, beams and columns
  2. Asbestos cement water tank
  3. Loose fill insulation
  4. Lagging fill insulation
  5. Lagging on boilers and pipe
  6. AIB ceiling tiles
  7. Toilet seat & cistern
  8. AIB partition walls
  9. Asbestos rope seals, gaskets and paper
  10. Vinyl floor tiles
  11. AIB around boilers
  12. Textiles eg. fire blankets
  13. Textured decorative coatings on wall and ceilings eg. artex


  1. Asbestos cement roof
  2. Asbestos cement panels
  3. Asbestos cement gutters and downpipe
  4. Soffits – AIB or asbestos cement
  5. Asbestos cement flue